At Malebox, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality, luxury menswear, while looking after your wallet. 

We buy your unwanted menswear, while helping you earn a little bit of extra cash. We then professionally clean everything so they are all in ‘as new’ condition and then sell them for well under retail price! 

Ultimately, Malebox will freshen up your wardrobe, while earning and saving you money. We are a Liverpool based business but buy & sell nationwide! 

Making luxury affordable - we call it shopping smarter!

We have years of experience in the designer menswear industry and are committed to bringing you a hassle-free service to buy and sell with confidence - saving you time and money.

There are lots of platforms out there to buy and sell pre-owned items. However, at Malebox, we believe that with our experience, and passion for pre-owned fashion, brings an unbeatable service!

Cashing in on your unwanted items has never been easier! We believe we offer fair prices on all items when selling to us and eliminate the stress of having to list your items, deal with buyers and avoid list/sale fees that other platforms may charge. We then issue payments directly to you, as soon as we have confirmed authenticity & condition. If you aren’t happy with the price that we can offer you, you are welcome to decline our offer and sell elsewhere, but with a quick, easy pay out, from a genuine company that we are, you can’t go wrong. (Check out our ‘Sell’ page to see the hassle-free process step by step.) 

When buying items off us, we can guarantee that shopping with Malebox will also save you time & money. With our commitment to always selling 100% authentic items in honest, accurate condition at reasonable prices, you will never have any doubts when treating yourself to a luxury again. We have built up good relationships and trust with lots of customers since we have started trading and we hope to continue building relationships and trust with every valued customer that uses our services!



Save Money
The most obvious advantage of shopping pre owned. Here at Malebox, our main aim is to bring you the best quality luxury menswear, with your wallet in mind, ultimately saving you hundreds while ‘retaining’ that buzz you get, when treating yourself to a luxury. On average, we sell items with 55% off retail price. With the prices of designer items nowadays, this is quite a remarkable saving, and is like buying a pair of jeans with money in the back pocket! Get more for your money at Malebox!
Top Quality
We only buy items that have very minor or no signs of wear to them and every item that we receive is professionally dry cleaned to look ‘as new’ again. We are committed to bringing you the best quality items, saving you time, money and hassle browsing online while also guaranteeing authenticity. Our main aim is to bring you a service where you can shop luxury for affordable prices, while maintaining customer satisfaction! Buying as new items just without the tags and the hefty price!
Shopping at Malebox is also hugely sustainable; for yourself and the world we live in. We buy your unwanted items, freeing up your wardrobe space, ready for a freshen up. We then professionally clean everything and get everything looking as new as possible, to then sell on for someone else to put to use- prolonging the life of luxury! 

Most clothes, especially the fast fashion brands, are manufactured in poor countries where workers are paid minimum and utilized until the end of their ability. This exploitation also includes bonded and child labour and incidents of deaths of workers because of extremely poor working conditions, including, fires and building collapses. Today’s great fashion brands have not paid much attention to these problems and have largely remained numb about inhumane working conditions. Choosing to shop pre-owned will reduce the demand for fast fashion and reduce the labour needed to produce brand new goods!


The Fashion industry is the 4th biggest polluter in the world, even worse than the food industry. Malebox is a platform for you to cash in on your unwanted items, for them to be relocated to a new home to prolong their use. From the extraction of raw materials to the manufacturing of products and their transportation around the world- shopping pre owned can help the environment in many, many ways that you probably don’t even think about when purchasing clothing. Shopping pre owned can help to reduce waste and pollution; decrease our water footprint; while saving natural resources and energy.

The production of cotton clothes consumes a lot of water and energy. For instance, the production of a cotton t-shirt uses about 713 gallons (2,700 litres) of water. The fashion industry also produces about 20% of global wastewater and emits about 10% of global carbon emissions. If your items are thrown away, rather than being resold, they will then end up in a landfill site which could take up to a few hundred years to fully decompose. This damages the environment one way or another. If you consider everything that is consumed daily and everything that is thrown away daily, it isn’t surprising that our environment is affected. Choosing to purchase a pre-owned item, that may have ended up being thrown away (even though the item is in perfect condition) prevents the amount of waste that reaches our landfill sites. Rather than add to the problems, we can effect a change by adopting new buying habits to become sustainable and environmental-friendly. So, ultimately, when you choose to shop at Malebox, you are also choosing to do your bit, to better the world that we live in today!


Get more for your money at Malebox!

We look forward to hopefully helping you out soon!

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